Instrumentation cable Leoni Kerpen

The Leoni Kerpen instrumentation cables are exclusively available via Voltec. These cables possess the highest possible levels of reliability, quality, and sustainability. They satisfy exceptional requirements concerning electric, mechanical, and chemical characteristics.

It is with good reason that Shell, DSM, NAM, Tata Steel and Sabic (among others) exclusively rely on these specific cables.

Our comprehensive product portfolio:

ICON Base [catalogus]
Instrumentation cable with highest possible degree of reliability, quality, and sustainability.

ICON Artic [factsheet]
Operating temperature up to -60 ºC

ICON Chem [factsheet]
Created to withstand the most extreme circumstances, such as coming into contact with oil and chemicals

ICON Bus [factsheet]
Especially for automation. Operating temperature up to +105 ºC

ICON Safe [factsheet]     
Suitable for environments that have added safety requirements, for the safeguarding of lives (inter alia)

A few cables and specifications:

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